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Mini Mountain Scene #11 - Ray Allen Original

Mini Mountain Scene #11 - Ray Allen Original

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Mini original mixed media wood art by Ray Allen.

9.5" x 9.5"

From the artist:
"Hey! I’m Ray Allen, a born and raised Texan and full time artist. I’m originally from Dallas, but the majority of my adult life has been spent in the Greater San Antonio/Austin area. I come from a family of gifted painters, carpenters, cabinet makers and quilters, as well as other mediums. I myself have always been the DIY type of guy. I know my way around a shop and am well versed in a variety of tools. I worked as a contractor for a short time and even built a tiny home out of an old bus. I’ve been a full time artist for only a few years but have been blessed with what I’d call a respectable reception. I prefer to say I am a mixed media artist, and the majority of my work is on wood or the wood itself may be the art; I also dabble in print work from time to time. I find inspiration in nature and varying landscapes. I hope my work speaks to you and would appreciate us connecting further on IG - @rayallencreations is my page."

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