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Steel Incense Holder - Stone Style

Steel Incense Holder - Stone Style

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Sculptural and rugged solid steel incense holder by artist and metalworker Alexander Kamelhair. This formidable incense holder can be used for either cone or stick incense. There is a small central hole for stick incense. Felt feet are in place to protect your countertop. 

Because this is a handmade item, no one incense holder is exactly the same. 

Alexander is a material and process driven artist, giving equal attention to both conceptual and studio practice.  These values generally manifest in the creation of substantial material objects and/or place-making through installation or intervention.  He is particularly interested in the physical properties of his materials and the juxtaposition of these qualities against both metaphysical and formal negative space.  Through this preoccupation, an exploration of existential and ontological concerns has become a recurring motif in his practice.  He is a technically trained metalsmith, and has worked as a journeyman blacksmith in Austria, Spain, Estonia, and Italy.  He holds a Master of Arts degree from the Estonian Academy of Art in Tallinn, and currently resides in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas, USA. 

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