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Bronze Chanterelle Mushroom Ring SZ 7

Bronze Chanterelle Mushroom Ring SZ 7

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Size 7 bronze chanterelle mushroom ring by Nina Designs. 

Mushroom lovers! Rejoice in the delicious details found on this bronze chanterelle mushroom ring. The delicate-looking gills & wonderfully textured, generously-sized caps are full of delightful details. Even the positioning of these chanterelles adds to its beauty. It's as if they are the best of friends, and are nuzzling right up to each other. A community of chanterelles!

Some revere mushrooms for their psychedelic qualities, some for their healing properties, and some because they're simply delicious, but we love them because they're so cute.  Mushrooms are having a moment, so add these fantastic fungi to your jewelry collection now.

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